9 Moments of Costin Chioreanu

3 May 2018 text Violeta Ivanova
He's been in love with drawing since he was 3 years old but when as a teenager he discovered his passion for heavy metal the pieces clicked together perfectly. That was in the mid 90s when in his native post-communist Romania it was hard to find original albums in the genre and Costin collected bootleg cassettes with ugly photocopied covers. That's why he started drawing new ones. And he was so good at it that music related art quickly became his career.

Today heavy festivals (like Roadburn) and bands (like Opeth, Napalm Death and Costin's own music projects) use his talent for everything - from cover art, posters and merchandise to animations and videos. The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and Lisa Gerrard are soon releasing their album BooCheeMish, again featuring Costin art on the front. That's the answer if you're wondering how we bumped into him. Now listen to what he has to say:

The moment in art class at school when you were a kid
I did not like school, I never liked rules of any kind. I was excelling at some points, yes, but each time the rules became more important than the artistic act, I became the enemy of my teachers.

The moment Twilight 13 media became a reality
My graphic studio started off as a childish dream back in 2002. Then I made the first website and got the first jobs in 2003. I remember that I was so happy when a new e-mail from a new band reached my inbox, it was exactly how I felt back in my childhood about waiting for Santa Claus.

The moment you sit at your desk
Well, I normally work minimum 12 hours per day, so I basically am sat at my desk during a big part of my life. Messy it is, messy as hell, and I can keep it neat after cleaning only for a few hours. I do too many things at the same time and I got myself used to not focusing on anything else except work while I do it. So you can imagine how easily the chaos around me is created.

The moment you listen to a favourite band live
If the sound and the environment are good, then I am in heaven. If the sound and the environment are hostile, I am in hell.

The moment a favorite band calls you to draw something for them
Ah, if it’s a favourite band then I am super happy and excited in the first second, but super stressed in the next one. And I remain like that until I am sure by all means that I can do something as best as my passion for that band requests. And each time in this case, the requests are very, very high. I am the worst client I could ever have.

The moment you grabbed the camera for the first time
I made the first video because I was in need for a video. This way I came up with my first video projects, which were related to my own music. Basically, I started with video the same as with drawing – I was in need of some cool covers for my bootleg cassettes back in the days...

The moment you get home after a long and exhausting day
I smoke a cigarette and play an album which always makes me feel good.

The moment you finally get a few free days
The first 48 hours are amazing, after that I start stressing out with “OK, now what can I do? I cannot just do nothing.” It’s weird!

The moment that you often dream about
It is a strange place in nature, somewhere two rivers are becoming one. It feels like I am dead, even happy. The environment is surreal, with strange nature and creatures. I always get attracted to that impossible image of streams of water combining, as the rivers transform into oceans. It is almost impossible to describe this with words... But this is a moment which I dream about pretty often.

Costin Chioreanu is on twilight13media.com and costinchioreanu.bandcamp.com


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