8 Moments of Dana Tileva

21 June 2018 text Violeta Ivanova
She grew up in Pazardzhik where she studied the depths of English but in her head she always had the idea that she was born to make art. The question was what kind exactly.

So first she tried architecture, animation, and advertising design, before moving on to poster art, which quickly made her fall in love with typography and calligraphy. At first she drew letters as a vent from her other tasks, but now things have grown. Recently, for example, we saw her at the Ratio seminar transfering the words of the speakers on a large black wall - her newest adventure, along with travel, concerts, cooking and eating.


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#1 21.06.2018 14:55 Mcnight

Re: 8 момента на Дана Тилева

Или да се върнеш в родния си град? : )))