Your Life is Pop-Folk

23 April 2009 Nikola Shahpazov
This interview is unique for Programata - it will not be soon before you find an article in our magazine in which the word chalga is used so often. But we have a good reason - in the last few months Svetlana Kuiumdjieva and Vesela Nojarova worked hard on the first exhibition connected to the phenomenon, called po-folk, turbo-folk or just chalga.

Most people in the art society do not even pronounce the word chalga. What tempted you to make the Chalga Temptation?
Vesela Nojarova: This exhibition had to be made long ago - chalga is a very important part of Bulgarian society nowadays and in the last 20 years.
Svetlana Kuiumdjieva: Chalga is so spectacular, visual and engrossing that making such an exhibition is logical. Right now chalga is the most active part of our surrounding environment.

Probably it has not been easy to represent this phenomenon which has been under development through the last 20 years.
Svetlana: The subject is enormous. Chalga turned out to be an ocena in which you can put almost everything - from human relations to malls and casonos. Chalga is not just a music genre, but a design of life.
Vesela: Chalga separated the BUlgarian society in two very well separated parts - a small one which is repulsed by it and denies it and another one for which chalga is a way of life. These two parts are so distant from one another that they are as if on different planets.

Probably there will be different interesting exponents?
Yes, like Azis' fake eyelashes and a very funny collection of demo tapes covers from the 1990s. Absolutely unique pictures and collages, hand made.


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