7 moments of Liliya Haralampieva

28 May 2021 text Violeta Ivanova
Her past is connected with interior design and animation. Currently, however, she works as a graphic designer, and her heart is drawn to illustration and photography.

& bdquo; I am attracted to the illumination of the shady side of existence & ldquo;, she betrays herself and thus explains the melancholy emanating from her works. In addition, Lilia is a connoisseur of metaphors, symbolism and minimalism. Therefore, in her illustrations, every detail has its meaning and there is nothing superfluous to take you away from the main message. What inspires her to paint like that? & bdquo; The personality and work of Frida Kahlo, the blue period of Picasso, the emptiness in Modigliani's portraits, the expressionism of Edward Munch, the mysticism and touch to other dimensions in the works of Rene Magritte & ldquo ;, as well as nature, cinema, poetry, dreams and a few more things ... If you're already hungry to learn more, don't change the channel.

The moment when art makes you a style turn

Everything I create is a reflection of my life path, psyche and soul & ndash; when they transform, my work also changes.

The moment he formed his personal palette

Red for me is a symbol of life with all the trials it puts us through, but also the strength we need to stand up every time we fall and keep trying despite the defeats. Blue is a dream, aspiration, freedom, but also sadness for something lost, which only the soul remembers. White and black are Yin and Yang & ndash; the two opposites united into one whole that cannot be separated.

The moment you paint your characters' eyes empty

The emptiness in the eyes is a symbol of the transience of the body, which is only a temporary abode for the spark of life. It is also the infinite, which is both everything and nothing. This emptiness also shows that on a deeper level each of us lives in his own universe, which cannot be seen, experienced and understood by another.

The moment you hate a picture

I have reached a stage where I value everything I create, because for me the value is in the process of creation, not in the end result.

The moment when interior design and animation were left in the background

In both cases, I felt I was going in the wrong direction, not mine.

The moment you can't wait

The one in which I will not have to use my skills for things I do not from the heart and soul, but out of necessity.

The moment that comes to you therapeutically

Through the images I manage to express everything I can't find a way to say. Drawing helps me to release repressed energies, to see things in a new way, to get closer to myself.

Lilia Haralampieva is on lihaliraart.tumblr.com > and lihalira_art


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