Deep Above the Ground

16 June 2011 text by Iglika Stankova photos by Iliyan Ruzhin
Nia Puskarova is a genuine whirlpool. She can introduce you into her artistic world within seconds and she can make you feel everything is possible as long as you want it. Nia is a paintor, photographer, president of the Ime organization and she turns her ideas into reality. The Water Tower Art fest is one of her ideas and it has become a synonym of experimental art.

When the first Water Tower Art fest appeared, people weren`t sure wher the Water tower was. 5 years later the festival is world-known. Did you see that coming?
The tower is now a center of cultural events. I never expected it would become so successful. It all happened really quickly, it had the snowball effect. On the other hand, I`m not that surprised as we`ve been working hard.

This year`s programme is really impressive, there are Bulgarian as well as international artists.
I uploaded the info about the festival in various international websites and those interested started sharing it and this is what increased our popularity. This year`s opening will include a very intriguing performance. Anika Schwarzloze who`s got an art center in Turkey will get married in the Water Tower with one of last year`s edition artists. She will be wearing a traditional Bulgarian dress.

Was it difficult to select the participants?
Very much so. The festival is organized in interactive places. Artsists find it attractive that such an event takes place in Bulgaria. It`s a new communicative perspective.

How does a work of art change when it is taken out of a traditional gallery and put into an alternative space?
I would never neglect the importance of classical art. However, experiencing art in other galleries makes your attitude change. You never know how the work would interect with the environment.

The Water Tower Art fest is in the Water Tower in Lozenets, Serdika Metro station, Central Mineral Bath, The Millitary Museum from 24 to 30 June, free entrance.


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