15 Moments of Sevda Semer

4 May 2017 text Violeta Ivanova
Compressing into one page the person who used to sit on the office desk next to you is a hard task, expecially when you know how multitalented and full of interesting stories they are.

"Nobody knows that but I also have three short movies, one of them awarded by Sofia Film Fest", manages to surprise us once more Sevda - ex author, editor and photographer at Programata - through the Messanger line from London where she's been living for a year already. Otherwise, she continues to snap awesome pictures and write for different magazines, she does illustrations and typography signs for different British bookstores, she just completed an internship at Hato Press (a risograph printing studio where she created her third zine) and the drawing+text she makes in her spare time are the reason Bulgarian curators put her in their "to watch closely" list.

Sevda Semer posts on
instagram.com/supakafka and strase.wordpress.com


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