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26 February 2009 by Dima Chakarova, photos Blago Stoichev
Even before you see his face, you must have heard his name or at least have seen some of his works. Nassimo (a.k.a. Nast or Naster) is a genuine street artist and creator of the first Bulgarian book with graffiti art – Napalm Graffix. We will also see what he has been working on during the last 3-4 months in his first solo exhibition in 1908 Gallery.

Nassimo was born in Targovishte and graduated fine arts in Veliko Tarnovo. Deals professionally with design and makes exhibitions. Nassimo paints a lot and shows everything that irritates, impresses or moves him in life – in his pictures, except for the strange cats and bare women bodies you can also find pretty serious tinges provoked by themes like the manupulative function of media, our robotization or the use of body as a money-making instrument. Here is what moves the street artist these days.

You decided to make an exhibition because… it was ordered by FALL Gallery in Vancouver.

When someone says that graffiti is just drawings on the wall, you want… to shake his hand. They are drawings, some of them pretty professional.

While you are painting, most often you are thinking of… billions of thing and sometimes this confuses me.

While you are painting, you are listening to… I am not listening, but there are songs in my head. Guns, Pantera, Suicidal – such stuff.

You are impressed every time you see graffiti by… Blu, Antony Lister, Bozko, Esteo, Funne, Dran, DMV, SAT ONE and many more.

In the streets of Sofia you are surprised by… how fast the holes are growing and the ugly brand new buildings.

You are criticizing the situation in Bulgaria, but you are bearing it for now, because… I am not interested in it at all. For me all this is some huge farce.

At the beginning you did not want to show your face, because… I am embarrassed, I am not some rock and roll star after all.

When the police caught you for the first time, you said… that it is not what it seems.

When they call you the best street artist in Bulgaria, you say to yourself… There is no best, there is most liked. Everyone who has his own style, is best in it.

The last you laughed loud at… the joke Bozko told me about the ant and the elephant.

You are not ready yet to… eat headcheese and corned-beef.


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