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5 March 2009 text Evgeni Popov, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio
Without being great admirers of the French culture, there was no way to miss Yasen Zgurovski's exhibition Over Indulgence, which will be opened this Friday in the French Institute together with the second Apero Elektro party. Iasen's characteristic style is well known - he has made numerous illustrations for magazines like 1, Egoist, Intro and Capital, he also designed countless flyers and posters. The idea behind the impressive explosion of colours in the Coffee House interior is also his.

What stands behind the name of the exhibition - Over Indulgence?
I wanted to create a common sense of beauty and satisfaction, to make people like my works and even try to bring them some tender emotions with every detail (laughter).

What exactly is queer trash art, with which some of your works are associated?
Queer trash combines numerous things - punk, street art, elements from baroque, new romanticism, pop art, tattoo art. In some sense, everything is too overburdened, overacted and packed in very characteristic gay aesthetics, but with some doze of brutality. In my works, however, there are a lot of elements from drag culture and theatricality.

If you could be born at some different place and time, which one would you choose?
I was born in Russia and the feeling of royalty and luxuriance is close to me. In the Russian fairy tales there are no ordinary people like Hitar Petar - there are just princes, princesses, bogatirs, everything is magnificent. So I would choose to be born in Russia again, but to live somewhere else - for instance New York from the pop art times shown in the Party Monster movie. 

You have also worked on big projects, like the walls of Coffee House. How does it feel to enter the venue now?
The feeling is strange and a little strartling - as if entering your own picture or head. It is so huge that I have the feeling of being covered by the roses on the walls.

What stimulations are you using while working, your pictures have a distinctive hallucinative effect?
I listen to a lot of music, mainly italo disco. Almost every time play some wideo or a cartoon on my computer, because I feel relaxed when there are some moving lights around me.

Are you working on some other projects?
Yes, together with Daniela Vapirova are active as Click-Clack and make the decorations for the Apero Elektro parties in the French Institute every first Friday of the month. For now everything is nice - good music and atmosphere and lots of cocktails. Everyone is very satisfied and to not want to leave at the end.


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