9 Moments of Desislava Unger

16 May 2019 text Violeta Ivanova
When it comes to making big decisions, she often follows her intuition instead of weighing out her options for months and months. That's how she knew her place was at the National Art Academy (where she was a student of Andrey Daniel), ever since as a little girl she first saw the beautiful red building on Shipka Str. In the same way she found herself at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna: "I went to a very old, wonderful elevator that led to the Graphics studio, and I knew - here is where I want to be."

Today Desislava still lives in Austria and teaches kids at school. Meanwhile, she continues to build on her great portfolio of drawings and graphics, often made on wood. "I tell stories that I do not know myself," is what she says about her art and here's what she told us about her own self.

The moment you decided to stay in Vienna
I always wanted to live in Mexico. I stayed in Vienna without meaning to.

The moment of an artist's life we ​​do not know much about
Every person is in one way or another a creator, and the artist is obsessed with what he does, and this mania is irreplaceable.

The moment that helps you relax
Walks among nature and the sound of running water.

The moment when you were dreaming of what you'd become when you grew up
I wanted to become an archaeologist and a captain of a ship but at that time they did not accept girls at the school in Varna. It was a very concrete dream.

The moment you discovered what your art will be all about
I think it was in the Academy, while doing my diploma work. At the heart of my thoughts is man, the environment in which he lives and which changes him.

The moment when you tried something radically new on the canvas
I do not like effects, I experiment with composition. I have the feeling that the more I self-restrict myself - for example, if I only do woodcuts, the more inventive I get.

The moment when you realize the artwork is ready and there is nothing to add to it
The decision is sometimes difficult, because if you continue a work that is otherwise "perfect" you can reach new, unexpected depths. But you also may not.

The moment when your hand is shaking and ruins everything
That's where it gets interesting. In this moment of failure comes the invention. You get irrational and you do something fast without thinking as a rescue mission.

The moment you often worry about
Meaning and meaninglessness.

Desislava Unger is on desislavaunger.com


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