10 Moments of Aleksi Ivanov

12 September 2019 text Violeta Ivanova
You may not recognize him by name, but as you look around, you will quickly remember who Aleksi is - for years he has filled the city with multicolored characters, drawn in a style you can't confuse with someone else's.

However, if he started with graffiti in 2003, he has long since preferred to turn - with the help of some paint - a random branch into a bird, a bench into a train, a peg into a police officer, and to generally intervene with the cityscape in a way that even the sharpest opponents of street art smile at. "Censorship has no place in art," he says of the artist's freedom, which comes with the responsibility of what kind of messages you leave behind. Otherwise, before coming to Sofia, Aleksi grows in Varna, meters away from the passing ships. Back then, he laughed at those who romanticized the sea, but today it is the strongest symbol of his sense of home, and the concrete on the beaches from his childhood and the pollution of cities and nature - what enrages him the most.

Aleksi Ivanov is on instagram.com/aleksi_varna and on Facebook as Aleksi Ivanov


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