Girl's Games

30 April 2009
The unwillingness of three female artists to play by the rules of the big names resulted in the common exhibition Girl Stories. It is not a coincidence that the world of Wicki (Maya Botcheva), Pipilota (Irina Pamiatnih) and Elichkata (Elitsa Sabinova) is full of dolls, fairies, kissing maidens and samurais. The first part of the exhibition is done – Pipi and Elly made our heads spin with their fairy tale-erotic prints and paper dolls.

Why did you decide to do a common project?
Pipilota: We met in Plovdiv each of us saw what the other had created and decided that a common exhibition is a good idea.
Wicki: None of us has experience with exhibitions but since we have a more girly point of view, we wanted to show our stuff.

What made you split the exhibition in two parts?
Wicki: The first part is more spicy and will be estimated by the grown-ups, while the other is entirely of pictures for kids. The second exhibition includes pictures from many books, children projects and web sites; some of the pictures have text and that is why the exhibition is called Stories.

Did you have arguments about the exhibition? We all know what happens when many women gather at one place…
Wicki: Nooo, we are not that kind of girls.
Pipilota: We were concened only about how it will work out. We had to to a lot of organizational stuff for a very short time. Our greatest concern was about the prints and the other things – we have used only three nails for the entire exhibition, everything else is attached with duct tape, knots, pins.

What are you doing besides drawing?
Wicki: Recently I am making illustrations, but I have graduated Animation so I am combining the two things. I like making games, books for children.
Pipilota: I am doing graphic design for ten years now. There was a moment when I was making web design, but in recent years I am interested in illustration.


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