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20 August 2009 text Dima Chakarova
An art space opened not long ago with the promise to allow new and independent authors to show their works. Behind the fridge project are Ivana Nencheva and Natalia Todorova, who met 5-6 years ago in the Academy of Arts and discovered their common taste in glass as a material. After a trip to France they plunge into the furious waters of independent modern art.

Tell something about yourselves?
Ivana: It will be better to present one another.
Natalia: Ivana is the most friendly person I know and very easy to work with. She is a good sculptor, but with a heavy character.
Ivana: Natalia is a versatile personality and loves to express all things she is interested in. She is very creative.

How did you come up with the idea for the fridge?
Natalia: At first we wanted this place to be our own glass atelier, but it turned out to be very big. So we decided to leave the rest of the space to our friends and let them show their works.

What took you to France?
Ivana: We won a UBA award and went to Paris.
Natalia: Where we were in a culture shock and refused to stay in the atelier but went to galleries and art places all the time. In all developed countries there are spaces where independent artists can show their works.

You are not curators, right?
Ivana: Oh, no. We are having fun along with the artists and see their ideas.
Natalia: Now we want to make a website and a blog and in such a way to form a community that shares ideas.

the fridge
is at 122 Ovche Pole Str., working time: 16:00-20:00 and at


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