Celtic motifs

27 August 2009 by Dima Chakarova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev studio
Photographer Ivo Hadjimishev is great and this is no news. Member of the Royal Socity of Photopraphy for life, Mr. Hadjimishev has something very uncommon today - style. It was high time we talked with him.

How did you get on the Aran Islands and why did you decide to make an exhibition with photos from this particular location?
My love with Ireland is a long story that has lasted for generations. In the 1930s my father was the official interpreter of the Irish National Theatre on their first tour in Bulgaria. Later I made a cover story about Belfast for Otechestvo magazine, when in North Ireland there was a great illegal struggle.

What kind of people are the Irish?
Unlike the English and the French, who keep some distance, the Irish are just like us. On these Aran Islands live about 300 - 500 people and you just enter the pub and announce who you are and what are you doing.

You are interested in history, there is always some moment of discovery in your works.
That is true. Once when we unraveled some genuine journalist find, Serafim Severniak used to say that God helps the mad. We used to search for interesting stories and this has remained as an instinct.

What provokes you in your occupation, where do you feel yourself best at?
I am dealing with a tiny part of something enormous. It is risky to deal with classic photography right now and to remain true to its ordinarity, because everyone is searching for something else.


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