Walking in My Shoes

10 December 2009 Text: Dima Chakarova Photographs: Ilyan Rujin
We like a lot Rockacoca designer project with its hand painted sneakers. Behind the label we find 2 young ladies – Sonya Anastassova and Anjelica Petrova.

How comes the idea about these great sneakers:?
Sonya: Our desire was to work something we like and meanwhile to create a message to people. So, surfing in the net, I found something similar and I offered it to Andji.
Andjelica: The basic job is to explore the paints, that is impossible to find in Bulgaria.

What was the firs pair of sneakers, that you created?
Sonya: Anji is with it now and it has a movie designe.

Is there something that is impossible to be done on shoes?
Sonya: The problem is that we have limited and small place to draw on it. So the difficulty is mainly technical.

How did you choose the project name?
Sonya: One of all proposals was Pink Voodoo King, but it’s hard to remember and to write it.
Anjelica: And after the serial meeting I recieved sms from Sonya – the label name will be Rockacoca. The next day we bought the domain, that was free.

Where people can find your small works of art?
Anjelica: As a beginning – on rockacoca.com. later we plan to spread the sneakers on the stores too. We hope to have our space – something between shop and small gallery for alternative art.

How much does a pair cost?
Anjelica: The price varies between 100 and 150BGN.

And how much time does it take you?
Sonya: Several days. It looks simply, but ‘s a hard work actually.


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