Candid Camera

15 November 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Liubomir Armutliev-Lubri is a photographer. From Sofia. His first exhibition Girls actually don’t cry was in Pistolet gallery. His latest works are the covers of One magazine and 39 drams newspaper. He doesn’t like to expose himself – literally, but still we manage to talk him over for an interview. Most likely this will be his first and only interview.

How can we call you?

People talk about you in the forums, discussing your photos. Are you excited about it or you prefer to stay “underground”?
Who’s talking? Send me some links, I don’t know who writes about me. And I’m not “underground”. I’m just shooting. My other job includes the development of internet applications, which can be used in the currency transactions.

Are you interested in finances?

Ah, no. It’s just a job.

What are you interested in?
Photography, music, movies. I’m a big fan of Unkle and Underworld. Lately I began to enjoy the fashion shows – I even shot one. I like the performances of Kasiel Noah Asher also.

Is there something that you wouldn’t shoot in any price?
I wouldn’t go with the paparazzi stuff, but I recently took some wedding pictures for a friend. Since I don’t shoot for money, I don’t have any prejudice.

Which photographers do you admire the most?
Joel-Peter Witkin and Gottfried Helnwein. Helnwein prints his photos on huge billboards and then paints on them – it’s some sort of photoshop. My favorite Bulgarian photographers are Misirkov and Bogdanov. They are my friends actually. Sometimes they even take me with them, so I can learn.

In the last few years we witnessed the mixing of different art forms. What to expect next?
Art farms with art movies dedicated to animals’ life.


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