14 Moments of Yehuda & Maya Devir

5 September 2018
"It all started when we moved to Tel Aviv and were looking for an apartment. Maya suggested that I make a fun illustration asking for our friends' help to find a nice place (it's very hard in Tel Aviv)." That's how the big bang in the couple's life happened - the birth of the series One of Those Days which consists of illustrations of their everyday married life.

А Marvel fan since childhood, Yehuda introduced Maya (a realist artist) to the art of comics, and today their family project has 3 million followers on Instagram and half a million on Facebook. The second volume of their comicbook just came out and now they're returning to Sofia for the next edition of the Aniventure Comic Con. But before that Yehuda tells us a bit about the real people behind the pictures.

The moment when you figured out what you wanted to do with your lives
We both started as amateur artists from a very young age, so it was clear to both of us that this profession is the right one for us, but we never imagined that we would work and create together. We are a very good team that knows how to use each person's strengths to achieve one excellent piece.

The moment you show each other your latest works
Maya is completely my toughest critic, but she is also the toughest critic of herself so we are even. I’m not the only one that suffers.

The moment when you add another comic book to your library at home
Adding a new book to our library is a supreme feeling! I collect stories I like and works of artists I enjoy, especially from Marvel's world. Maya's library is completely different. She really loves unique books with various illustration styles and unique publishing. Our library is an inexhaustible collection of inspiration.

The moment when you brainstorm the illustration of the week 
Our first rule is that our illustrations will be based on a true moment that happen to us… this way the illustration is the most authentic. The working process is me and Maya together. Usually after something interesting for illustration happens to us, we tighten the concept and do a few composition sketches (by hand or on the computer). After that I sit down and start working. When I finish, Maya adds her suggestions for improvement (color, typography and so on).

The moment you realized you were getting quite famous
To this day it’s not so obvious to us. We don’t perceive ourselves as famous. Our characters are the famous ones. We are a couple of artists who enjoy making people happy. If we manage to make people happy all over the world it is our net profit.

The moment when you kind of regretted sharing so much of your life with the audience
No such moment. We feel very comfortable with the information we choose to share.

The moment after a huge fight between you two
A few moments of silence and a day later it’s a fresh start. We are not people who hold a grudge.

The moment you finally get a few free days
We don’t vacation much. If we want to go out on a vacation we need to plan it a very long time in advance because we have a commitment to our followers to publish an illustration every week. When we do go on a vacation, it really fills up our batteries.

The moment when you failed at being grown-ups
Every day. We are like two kids in an adults body.

The moments when you tell yourself "There’s no better place to live than Israel"
When we are with our families. We are both a "family people" and it’s hard for us to imagine living far away from them. It’s very important for us to raise our children in the future close to their grandparents, uncles and cousins.

The future moment you can’t wait to reach

The moment you’ll never be ready for
To have a baby.

The moment you like to start your day with
A stinking morning kiss.

The moment you like to end your day with

Yehuda is on yehudadevir.com, instagram.com/jude_devir and facebook.com/JudeDevir
They'll attend the Aniventure Comic Con at Inter Expo Center on 15 and 16 September


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