7 moments of Joanna Petkova

26 September 2019
"Where are my boundaries? Do I want to have boundaries?" are two questions that often bother her, and are important in her work, too - Joanna paints in an attempt to tap into the capabilities of her own body.

To understand exactly what this means, you just need to look at her three-eyed paintings or the humans blending shapes. She has shown them in Sofia, Vienna and Budapest, but sometimes it's not enough to describe the theme with paint and then she goes on to performance (including as part of the D code X art group, for the first time in 2016 at the Red House). Otherwise, she has an appetite for the forbidden since she was a child, when she said that her best experience always came with the phrase "we shouldn't have done that." Where is Joanna today, and is she still acting as she's not supposed to, we are asking below.


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