Incidentally with Tekla Alexieva

31 October 2019
She did almost all the covers of one of our most successful book series. However, if you passionately loved the Galactic Library, which started 40 years ago, you can hardly expect their artist to have made them "incidentally, like everything else."

Which is not to say that it was negligent: the books are known for their aesthetics, and they were a wide-open window to escape (at least imaginary). Their covers bore a secret symbol and meanings that unlocked as you read the story and are still an example of style and taste today. Why does Tekla say they happened incidentally? Because she did so many other things - stamps, murals, textbooks, animation, painting. At her 75th anniversary, we are now seeing pieces of her imagination in an exhibition in Plovdiv, screenings in Odeon, and a new cover for the last two volumes of the Galactic Library. Because of all this, we called her, and she invited us to her sunny kitchen, where, among other things, we talked about the rest.


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