7 Moments of Galina Atanasova

20 February 2020 text Violeta Ivanova
Broken videotapes, plastic bags, slices of bread, torn magazines and old poems, photos and drawings of hers. Such things can coexist inside one of the gloomy digital collages that Galina uploads to her Instagram. She often names them after songs because music is her muse (“I've been wandering between two bands for a while now - Godflesh and Brainiac).

We catch her in an interesting period - she recently graduated from the NAA (she studied Graphics), and now she is taking a break by working in an online shop, plucking up the courage to enroll in a driving course, and looking for a new home. However, there is also time for artistic plans: she wants to participate in exhibitions with painter friends and to start selling prints of her collages.

Galina Atanasova is on instagram.com/wildkiriya


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