• Like. Bulgaria

    17 February 2014

    Our favorite social project Like. Bulgaria already one year old.
  • ABSOLUT Animatyion

    31 January 2014

  • Photo of the Year

    21 January 2014

  • Play, So You Would Know

    3 December 2013

  • New Programata.bg

    30 September 2013

  • All in facebook

    30 January 2013

  • New Deichmann Store in Burgas

    26 April 2012

  • The New Year Brings Along a New Site

    5 January 2012

    As we are admirers of novelties, it`s not surprising we decided to say goodbye to the old year with a brand new design of programata.bg.
  • I ♥ Programata

    29 December 2011

    The mobile version of Programata magazine is really multifunctional and what is more, it`s free. Programata Mobile used to be available for Android only, but now those of you using iPhone can also learn about the latest events in Sofia, Varna, ...
  • Workshop in Creative Photography

    3 August 2011

    This workshop is designed to answer your current questions and confusions as an active or aspiring photographer. Following the success of three photography workshops held in Bella Rechka in 2009 and 2010, it is meant to train you in both the ...
  • Cards Down

    26 November 2010

    We at Programata don't like standing at one place. So we prepared some convenient innovations for our site programata.bg that would make it much more effective and useful.
  • Lufthansa Game Winners

    30 April 2010

  • Reloaded

    29 April 2010

  • Glamour

    18 June 2009

    Alexander Velichkov

    You read the names of the designers Viara Borislavova and Stanimira Ianakieva on the pages of The Programme not for the first and surely not for the last time. Viara is famous with her wonderful fashion line VЯRA, and Stanimira specializes in making very original dolls.
  • Capital City Center

    4 June 2009

    Commercial centers in our town became more and more, and the news about the next one does not surprise anyone. Not until you understand that the investors of the newest multifunctional complex Capital City Center think not only about business but ...
  • Graphilla Creative Week 2009

    5 March 2009

    About 10 years ago some tireless young people, tempted by graphics, design and photography, made their own space in the Internet in which to show their works. Far from useless forum quarrels and just after authorized access after preliminary approval, they pile up and discuss their visual projects.
  • Dear Milka

    28 August 2008

    In the beginning of September all lovers of the famous violet Alpine cow has the chance to get in touch with the world of tempting pleasure due to travelling in Europe exposition Milka Alpine Tour 2008. The delicious adventure starts on 4th of ...
  • Summer Memories

    14 August 2008

    text Veronika Hadjieva

    For a third year in a row Germanos invite us to impress our good summer mood with a camera or a cell phone and participate in their amateur photo contest. This time they have named it Say Summer and pictures will be accepted until 30 September. ...
  • Summer School of Arts, Crafts and Dances

    23 July 2008

  • Sand Sculptures Festival

    19 June 2008

    Since July Burgas becomes an arena of the first Bulgarian Sand Sculptures Festival. Original figures will be exposed near of Lake Park in Sea Garden. For the building of castles, mermaids, ships and pirates are prepared 2500 tones of sand. Part of ...