Tea House

Address: Sofia, 11 Georgi benkovski Str.
Working time: 10:00-23:00
Mobile: 088 705 10 80

Cuisine: vegitarian
Music style: jazz

"Home is where the heart is", the Brits like to say while sipping from their daily cup of afternoon tea. The Tea House makes you feel at home at any time. There are jazz improvisations, the aroma of delicious (and healthy) dishes feels the air and there's tea, of course. This is the only place that offers 150 different types of tea from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France that are considered some of the best brands in the world. You can order a take-away or bring some to your colleagues in the office. To help you with the choice, we'd like to recommend you the elf-lie tea. The diverse lunch menu is one other advantage of the place (there are ayurvedic meals on Thursdays) as well as the events - exhibits, lectures, jazz thrice a week and art workshops for kids during the weekend. And while we're at it, note down one other address - 62 Parchevich Str. where the Tea House's shop is located and where you can find the most exotic collection of tea and various accessories.

10.06. (Wednesday), 20:00 - Тea&Jazz

Petar Momchev - saxophone, Dimitar Liolev - saxophone, Boris Taslev - doublebass, Atanas Popov - drums

18.06. (Thursday), 20:00 – 3Cycle
Maraia Hristova (Daikstra) – violin, vocal; Marina Velikova – vocal, saxophone, bassoon; Stafan Hristov – tabla

19.06. (Friday), 20:00 - Jazz Evening
Boris Taslev - doublebass, Petar Momchev - saxophone, Sava Boiadjiev - drums

20.06. (Wednesday), 20:00 - Franz Blackbird concert
(itinerant Brazilian musician and poet who travels the world as a modern troubadour spreading his message with his guitar, voice and lyrics)

24.06. (Wednesday), 20:00 - Lyubomir Denev Quintet

Vesela Morova – vocal, Lyubomir Denev – piano, Petar Momchev – saxophone, Boris Taslev – doublebass, Dimitar Semov - drums

26.06. (Friday), 20:00 - A Capella- musical group of singing actors to cappella jazz and swing arrangements

Art. director: Evgeni Gospodinov
Elena Atanasova, Nadejda Panaiotova, Maria Stancheva, Temenuga Pervazova, Milena Avramova, Borislav Vejenov, Konstantin Ikonomov, Martin Kirov


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