Fabrika Dаga

Address: Sofia, 10 Veslets Str.
Working time: Mon-Fr: 08:00–22:00, Sat 10:00–22:00, Sun 10:00-20:00

Raspberry lemonade, mekitsi (batter fried in hot oil) with jam and cheese, mascarpone cake, chicken and spinach pie, potato gratin with beet, salads, sandwiches... Sofianites are inamoured with the menu of Farbika Dаga. We decided to dig out who makes the 'history' of the place.

Change rarely comes on its own. It needs a bit of inspiration, courage and the right time. For Maria the right moment came about a year ago, when together with two friends, Spasen and Jiggy, who have an  unmistakable take on home-made food, she decided to create a place that she could take care of. And it was the place that found her.  For many years it had been home to a furniture shop. The owner of the shop took a liking to the three friends and helped them rent the place. Thus, six months ago, on 10 Veslets Str. the creation of Fabrika Dаga began.

"I gave this place my all," says Maria. "I used to work in advertising and had a wedding decoration company. But I needed a change in direction. Now Spasen, Jiggy and I are here every day. Nikola, our barista, is also with us from the very beginning." Standing behind the oval-shaped glass vessels, Nikola is handling the French press with the dexterity of a chemist who's deep in an experiment. "The way we prepare the coffee is what distinguishes us. Yet, all the rest is also created with much love - the salads, the sandwiches, the soups and the lunch menu," adds Maria.

Love is like a boumerang. During the short time of its existence, Fabrika Dаga managed to win over many people - employees from the nearby Ministries, neighbourhood residents, curious city lovers. During the first couple of days following its opening, the place  felt like an open museum. The reviews were quite amusing, some people even advised them to plaster their ceiling. The best thing, however, is that everyone feels at home here. "It turned out that the owner of the building is a professor at La Sorbonne," Maria mentions and the entire puzzel seems to fall into place. With its black chalk board, with its flask-like glass pots and the cooks' experimental approach, Fabrika Dаga is like a laboratory open for public visits. One for coffee, food and happiness.


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