Soma Vital Food

Address: Sofia, Maria Luiza Blvd 58 (in Mandala center)
Working time: 09:00-21:30
Phone: 089 9988593
Phone: 089 7269636

Cuisine: vegitarian

Soma restaurant is a family business with a good idea: no matter what's your diet, you come here to eat healthy vegan and vegetarian foods. You will be welcomed according to their philosophy that there are no customers, only guests - and seated on one of the comfortable tables and chairs with minimal processing, which brings out the natural beauty of the teak wood (all the furniture is imported from Bali). As for the definition of vital food - this means that everything is freshly prepared and the food - which is usually bio and local - is real and not pre-made.

The menu starts surprising you from the drinks - you'll find fresh juices and smoothies with spirulina, guarana, Chia seeds and other super-foods. We also like the great bio and fair-trade coffee and teas. A favorite from the salads is White, green, red - tomato with cashew cheese and homemade basil pesto. For appetizer we can also order soup or other dishes. As for mains, vegan pancakes with mushrooms, onions and cheese sauce attract our attention immediately - try them with your eyes closed and you will not believe that the sauce has only vegetables and spices. We can choose also tofu, pasta, quinoa. For lunch we are pleasantly surprised every day with new culinary ideas, which we can eat on the spot or order for the home and office.

The restaurant also has themed vegan nights - they answer the question how does Italian cuisine look like without cheese or French without game, and the chefs always try the answer to be "still delicious." The combination of tradition and experimentation does not stop there - we note the innovative spirit in desserts as well, where we see the candies with essential oils or vegan tiramisu. The whole team has a taste for sweets, so that's how the untraditional recipes begin. It's not necessarily to be vegan to eat here, as we are told at the beginning - you may simply want something light and healthy.


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