From Storytel we listen to: The Harry Potter series

10 October 2019
Shiver, cold-blooded people - the month of Halloween is especially important in the series for the English magician.

Not only did Hagrid's pumpkins innocently swell up to the size of garden sheds in October, but at different times in the books, that's just when the plots advances: first a troll enters Hogwarts and the triumph over it becomes the magic glue for the team of Harry, Ron and Hermione trio; after, Chamber of Secrets opens, and Sirius Black enters the school in search of Harry. One more star on the calendar - you can now listen to the series in English, read by Stephen Fry himself. If you don't know what we're talking about or suddenly wish to reread it, you can remember, pour yourself a glass of butter beer and get your headphones.


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