17 February 2011 text by Dima Chakarova, photo by Iliyan Rujin
Laura Variyska and Ilian Hadjiin are partners both in life and at work. The are the core of funkt architectural studio. For the record- Ilian is an architect and carpenter and Laura is the person who makes it all happen in terms of orgianization, contacting people and raising money. In the last year they`ve been really keen on making cafeterias, that`s why we meet at Take a Cake, the last coffee shop they worked on. On Feb 26 they will take part in the gorichka Home seminar where they will talk about things you cannot buy.

What do you usually do on Monday mornings when you`re not busy giving interviews over a cup of coffee and a tasty cup-cake?
Ilian: We get up comparatively early because we have a small child. Then I`m being inadequate for about an hour. Then we gather with our work-fellows and get ourselves into action. We hardly ever do what we gather for but try to follow the desired direction. Another important thing to  be done is decide what to have for lunch.
Laura: Our office is in Dragalevtsi so you can`t eat out. We have to take turns in cooking.

How do you make your daily schedule?
Laura: It`s hard to say, really. There are times when we work 24/7.
Ilian: Yeah, and cooking is not a priority then. In less busy days we come up with a product which is not that visible because we need a concept first.

That`s good because many people act first then think afterwards.
Ilian: We recently started physically taking part in the process because we cannot afford outsourcing people. We like to think of ourselves as a lab. We`re not sure what the outcome will be but still, we involve other people in it.
Laura: We`re never sure what will happen, how much it will cost.
Ilian: But it leaves us with the best of results on the market. Because if you do something the standard way, it looks just like any other plastic thing out there. When you try something new, you take a risk, but it is much more interesting along the process.

What are the worst things design-wise in Sofia?
Laura: well, it`s ugly. You wow when you see something beautiful. It shouldn`t be this way.
Ilian: Yesterday we were travelling along the northern parts of Sofia. The biggest problem are people. Come on, those people look depressed. Everybody here thinks nothing depends on them that`s why they don`t bother to do anything. It`s been different since the fall of the socialistic regime. You can`t ask for a prettier town and hate it simultaneously.

The biggest cliche in your preofession?
We avoid cliches. Beauty is a cliche.

Why do we have to attent the Home forum?
Laura: To make some noise for us, ha-ha.
Ilian: To hear us talk about the fact that you cannot make things happen effortlessly. Satisfaction is not a thing to be bought.


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