True Romance

15 November 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Bogdanov and Misirkov
November 10th has already passed away but this year we had another good reason to think about our socialist past and the time of democratic changes – Party House written by Georgi Tenev has become the novel of the year in the VIK foundation contest. We were really looking forward the moment when a young and talented writer wins the award thus we immediately addressed Georgi with some important questions about writing and reading.

Party House  has recently become a novel of the year. What does it mean to you, especially now nearly 20 years after 10th November 1989?
I hope that the prize is most of all an appreciation of the purely creative characteristics of the book. However I do realize that the subject, time, events and symbols I refer to in the book also have importance. These things are like a real magnet.

What is the most significant thing for the living of a text?
It depends on the text. The text is like animal species – each of them has its own particular environment, food, natural conditions of living. I believe that my texts can exist without special "hothouse" care. For example as if you look after a dog: you have to trust its instincts. You have to believe that the dog knows more than you how to be your friend, how to serve you, how to protect you, how to entertain you. No need of spoiling it though.

When shall we expect the next big novel? Are you writing something at the moment?
My new play is set on the stage of Sfumato theatre entitled Strindberg in Damask.

What else at the book market can you recommend?
One of the strongest and most excellent works I have read for years is the first and completely unexpected novel written by the ancient Greek translator Nikolai Gochev. His book is named Letters to Aegina as it is made of letters.

Besides writing what is new around you? What else do you do?
Don’t you do the same – I am staring at the Vitosha mountain and waiting for the grey spots to be covered with nice fresh snow.


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