Against the Wall

17 July 2008 text Irina Marinova, photos Nova tv
We know Rumen Lukanov from Sblusuk and particularly from Deal or not but we will soon see him as the host of a totally different type of show.

Hole in the Wall is the Bulgarian version of the human tetris invented in Japan that we all have watched in YouTube. We can expect shapes that are hard to describe, amazed faces, athletic curves and Liubo Ganev in a silver suit. It is great fun really, just like Rumen himself.

After all the interviews you've had recently, is there anything you would like to say, something  that nobody asked you?
O, well, I feel strange – I have the feeling that my whole life is on show. Some people have big secrets and are worried they could be revealed and others have small secretes. I am from those with the small secrets, so I am not worried whatever is written about me.

You have travelled a lot and lived on different continents – why didn’t you stay there?
My best friend from childhood now lives in New Zealand. Once I told him: you’ve travelled a lot and I’ve travelled a lot, which place is best? And he says to me: “In Switzerland but only if they spoke Bulgarian there”, ha-ha. One is important when standing in his own place.

Why do you work in a television channel?
Television is my big love.

Though you say one can’t earn money from television?
What I am about to say is not a maxim but I strongly believe in it: Find something you like doing and then find a way to make money out of it! Now I have money – I eat white bread and pork chops, I drive a car, ha-ha. Yes, I can’t afford very expensive things but I often think, not whether I want them but do I really need them.

What is the best thing about television?
That is when a new show starts. Nothing compares to all the fuss around it – from the piece of paper until the end when it starts. My biggest love in television turned out to be the show Deal or not.

What about the new show?
Hole in the Wall is the biggest challenge for the executive producer! Nova tv provides the financing, the license and so on but the executive producer SIA can’t take responsibility and that is why there is one person responsible for everything.

And that person is you?
Yes, me. That is a great challenge. I will be responsible if the show is not successful.

What does the host of the new show do?
He has fun as usual. I don’t know any show host who works ha-ha. The show is great fun and totally different. There is no money as an award and it is not important if the participant will win – if he does – Ok, if he doesn’t – never mind.


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