The Day After Tomorrow

19 June 2008 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Momchil Nikolov is one of the so-called Fastliterature writers, but sometimes his writing happens to be a little bit slow – his new book Round Fish is the result of ten years hard work. Shortly after the premiere we asked the author what kind of fish is this and we understood that this is a story about the end of the world – the second part of a trilogy, whose beginning is still to come.

Is it exciting just days after the premiere of your big new book?
I was a little bit nervous but I am ok now. I am fine because I have a very beautiful cover by my friend Svilen Dimitrov, who is a painter and animator. This year at the Berlinale his cartoon was the only one in its category – it is about a frog.

Did he invent the fish on cover?
Yes, and many other things too. He did the trailer that is at and it has really amazing video frames.

Does the fish itself really exist as biological species or it is a fiction?
Something as round fish did exist but rather smaller than ours. It is a monster and it is huge. What in fact is the most important thing is not its size but what it does. The fish actually suddenly disappears and than starts the story of a man searching for an angel without really knowing that it is an angel.

In short, what is Round Fish all about?
It is hard to explain a story of 500 pages that had taken ten years of one’s life that easy – while drinking a small gin. If you ask me what Hash Oil is about, I will tell you in exactly three sentences. I think I have written rather good city stories but I am no longer interested them, I have left them to the younger authors. That book here is a totally different type of novel with a lot of plot lines and layers, with many characters – Stephen Hawking, Leonard Susskind, the inventor of the string theory of the existence of parallel universes.

Is there a happy ending?
No, there isn’t. My previous book The Upper Floor has a happy ending. That book in fact is the end of the trilogy and you can’t understand anything from it. Round Fish is the second and the biggest part.

Oh, so you start the story from the end and move to the beginning, as in Star Wars?
Well, it is nice that it provokes such parallels.

Is there love?
Yes, there is. But it is a cold love and nothing wild. Occasionally the main character meets various women.


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