Heavy Fractured

26 June 2008 text Aneliia Aleksandrova, photos Iliian Rujin
The only metal tv show in Bulgaria turned 10 years old. Vasil Katincharov is the Fracture mainman – creator, writer and host. First we thought of making him a monument but then decided to simply ask him some questions.

How will you celebrate the birthday of the show?
On June 29 at 10 pm starts a best of fracture – the most interesting interviews or perhaps those that came out best because everyone has his own idea of what interesting is.

Well what do you think was the most interesting interview you did?
Surely there's more than one. But I had a rather intriguing experience with Type O Negative. We had an arranged interview with their guitar player because frontman Peter Steele had refused to meet the media. So I was told to go to one of their buses, I go in only to find Peter Steele staring at me.

You simply stumbled into him?
Yeah! I was embarrassed but quickly saw the chance of including him in the interview. He was smiling and very friendly and said "of course". It was one of the most emotional interviews I've ever done. I have no idea how they behave on other occasions but this time Type O Negative were very funny and nice. I had ten minutes to do the interview so when the time was over their manager walked in but Peter looked at her fiercely and said the interview isn't going to be over until I've asked my last question.

Any other notable meeting?
It's great fun every time I meet Soulfly's Max Cavalera. He's been here three times already. And it is obvious he has started from the lower classes that's why he treats people with respect.


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