Known By His Voice

10 July 2008 text Elena Peneva, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio
Dr. House is going to a rally. Take it easy, the freak from the famous tv series had not thrown away his walking stick and his caustic remarks on the speedway. It's only Daniel Tsochev who doubles him in Bulgarian language and who has found a more extreme way of expressing his actor's talent. He is the narrator in the new 3D movie NASCAR.

We met him to find out if having such beautiful voice means that his owner is also a good driver, talks correctly to people on the street and to ask him about the parts he would like to play on the stage.

You double the part of the narrator in NASCAR 3D, are you fan of cars and rallies?

I like the thrill of competitions. It is the same in my personal life – I like to compete with myself rather than with others. As for cars – I like driving even in traffic jams but I don’t like visiting service-stations. I hate it when I have to replace tyres.

Are you a good driver?
Yes, I am. Although I like to drive at high speed when the road is good. I seldom break traffic laws and police officers look at me with understanding seeing my clear driving licence.

In the original NASCAR 3D the narrator’s voice is that of Kiefer Sutherland, EMI and Golden Globe Awards winner. Did you have any worries while doubling him?
No. We were good partners with my colleague Sutherland. Being a narrator is easy. When I had to double Bruce Willis in Die Hard 3, I don’t think I made it because we have very different characters. I think De Niro would have been hard for me to double too and I still don’t have him in my creative biography. While I was very pleased with my work when I had to double Jeremy Irons.

How many episodes do you do daily?
It is a five hour shift and we make not more than four episodes – 45 minutes each. We have no choice but to make them because we have to – the tv air needs them. We have a saying with my colleagues that in the past we used to work for money, then for fame and now for the air.

Do you know the number of films that you have doubled?
No, I don't. Having in mind that I am actively working in that field for a period of 20 years they must be a great number. Thanks God the serials became more and more interesting and then finally there is House M.D. which I think is the best serial.

Do you really like House M.D. or is it just because it brought you the Ikar Award and a nomination in Golden Voice category?
It is for sure my favourite because I put a lot from me in that character. I like him a lot because he always thinks he is right and because of his tough character.

Do you remember your first that you had to double?
Maria Nikolova, the director threw me straight into the deep by giving me the part of the main character in the serial Mistral’s Daughter. I had to double Stacy Keach and to read the subtitles.

Years ago you played the part of Vasil Levski in the play The Secret Dinner of Levski  by Stefan Canev. If you have to choose, which one would you prefer – the part of Levski or that of Dr. House?
Both – I would like to find out new sides in my character and put them in the role. That is why I am very happy when they give me part that is different from me as a personality. It is dull when you have to play yourself on stage. That is the reason I would choose both Levski and Dr. House for his stubborn character. I have another interesting part that I play in Vazrajdane theatre The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents. My part is of a cynical and brutal man – which is too far from me. The spectacle turned out to be very good and Mariana Zikich who plays the main part was awarded with the Askeer Award.

NASCAR 3D with Daniel Cochev is a premiere at cinemas from 18 July


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