Mediterrani Forever

31 July 2008 text Diana Tomova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
It is rumored that Mediterrani, one of the sweetest bars in Sofia is closing and that news is hanging like a dark cloud over the city. Two days ago we saw it with our own eyes – at the entrance of the bar there is a white A4 that says Mediterrani is at Shishman Street only until mid August. How terrible! After 5 years in that bar we just can’t accept that the story ends up here. That is why one Sunday afternoon we sat in the small yard with the owners – a super family, consisting of Emi – computer engineer, Alex – lawyer and Maxim who is just one year old. While Max is toddling around the tables checking everything with his little fingers, we are talking with Emi and Alex about Mediterrani and its past and future and we leave with two good news.

I can’t imagine walking on Shishman Street and not looking what’s going on in the small garden. What is that thing with the closing of Mediterrani?
Emi: The owners decided it is a fantastic place and they want to make their own place but don’t know exactly what. I hope happens the way we did it but we have agreed that they will not use the name Mediterrani because it is ours. Back then when we opened the bar, we had just come back from Germany – we studied there – and in some way we had the Mediterranean under our skin. That is way we chose that name and it became the leading idea.

We saw the note at the entrance that says you are closing but it also says “our new project is to come”. How should we interpret that ray of light?
Emi: We feel very sad that we have to close and we don’t want to disappoint people. That is why we put that note so it is clear that we won’t just disappear like that. Mediterrani will continue to exist but with a new address. We are waiting for a phone call that will approve if it is ok to take the place have chosen. It is very near but we still won’t say where exactly. Everything is arranged but we are still waiting for the final approval.

Great, I was afraid we would have to wait till winter.

Emi: Ha-ha, I hope till winter we would have a place to invite people to.
Alex: May be, in September we will be ready to open.

Will there be a garden again?
Emi: Absolutely, yes. There will be tables outside too. The idea of the place will be the same as that of Mediterrani for these 5 years.

One very important question – will you take your staff with you? You have the kindest waitresses in Sofia and most of all – the one with the curly hair who is wonderful but we haven’t seen her lately.
Emi: She is on a vacation but will join us again. We are doing our best about the staff – we take care of them and they take care of us. As you may have noticed  our staff is constant – some of them are with us for a long time now.

The only bad thing about Mediterrani is that it has no music in the garden. Why is that, in other countries it is noisy everywhere.
Emi: It is not that somebody doesn’t let us but one has to take into consideration the neighbours. It is really bad if you put yourself in their shoes. All over the world people sleep while there is music outside and there is no problem but that is the way they are. Here it’s different – we always find someone to blame.

Mediterrani is at 37 Shishman Street until 10-15 August and after that in a new place – to be continued


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