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6 November 2008 by Diana Tomova, photos Ilian Rujin
The chart for the world's Top 100 DJs is ready and the Bulgarian DJ Mag will celebrate the occasion in a very special way. For further details we contacted Simeon Vasilev - DJ Mag's editor in chief, who knows how does it feel like to be in London's Ministry of Sound.

Why did you choose the Central Public Bath for the event? For such a lustrous chart we expected Yalta...
The idea was to find a place that is not typical for a party, because the DJ Mag brand is not traditional. The site is absolutely under construction, the walls are broken down, you can see bricks, but it is very interesting.

Marco V is the special guest for the party. What do we have to know about him?
Marco V is very famous in Holland, he is considered to be one of the pillars of dance music. He has been on stage for 15 years and has constantly improved himself, performs on huge festivals. This year he has a collaboration with Sander van Dorn - their track Organic became a huge hit and we will hear it at the party for sure.

You already know who is on top of the Top 100 DJs chart, right?
Yes, he is my favourite. This year it was very interesting - 380 000 people have cast their vote. There are 25 new DJs in the chart, which is a huge percent, including two Russian and one Polish DJ.

This is the first party of DJ Mag Bulgaria. Do you plan others?
Yes, we will have three in 2009 for sure. One at the end of the year - again for Top 100 DJs. The second will be in April or May - Top 100 Clubs in the world.

They say Bulgaria is a country dominated by rock and heavy music. Do you feel like a minority?
No. Every music has its fans, rock simply has a longer history. Dance music does not have such long traditions in Bulgaria. But I do not think that 5000 people at a Carl Cox concert are a minority. I hope that things will change in the next few years, a lot of young people between 17 - 25 years orientate to this music more than rock.


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