Teo Chepilov about books, music and directors on a list

25 May 2021 text Kristina Yordanova
He last bit us with his novel To the Last Tooth, from which we extracted an entire excerpt, otherwise he was already in front of our eyes for books and articles with his 184 pages of Situation after situation and strong thoughts in words about the GoGuide and the Program . Some of the scenarios of Undercover , Bubble Gum and House arrest . He encounters good films at sunset in Sofia art cinemas and then releases them as mandatory, having proven himself enough to make us believe him when something is worthwhile for him. We catch Theo finishing a few sentences about the writing, the directors and his favorite background music, which rains down in various playlists according to different conditions and short days of the day.

div> I started writing because ... I'm too crazy for a rapper and too lazy for a bassist. I also don't like any more interesting profession.

When I don't have inspiration, I turn to ... the deadline and its approach. Muses are for amateurs & ndash; true professionals are inspired by a lack of time.

If I had to reread just one book for the rest of my life, it would be ... The Savior in the Rye . I don't know if I'm a fan of Salinger, or if they brainwashed me in the program MK-Ultra , it will be heard.

My favorite background music is & hellip; different in terms of goals and mood: I wake up to punk, play metal, rest on funk, fall asleep to something psychedelic, and if I smoke & ndash; I listen to country.

If I could be a movie character, I would be ... some idle superhero & ndash; for example, one that has levitation, but only enough to take a drink from the fridge while watching a movie, but only to save the world & ndash; dump.

If I had the opportunity to work with a director, he would be ... Terry Gilliam & ndash; I think it has the right mix of sadness-comedy in it to please us. Plus he loves brandy.

My first childhood memory is ... how ours took me to The Empire Strikes Back and on the way to the movies they were arguing about whether I was ready for the movie. I was four. In the first scene, there are guts ripped open with a lightsaber. My mother turned to my father with & bdquo; Did you see?!? & Ldquo;

The quote from To the last tooth that I would frame is ... & bdquo; He did not believe in fate. According to him, we were all meaningless particles in the Brownian motion of infinity. To imagine that someone has a plan for us, that some higher power is excited by our insignificant in the cosmic dimension animals, was naive, beyond the bounds of the simple-minded. & Ldquo;

The most important thing I've learned from last year is ... you should never say & bdquo; Well, it can't get any worse & ldquo ;, because you seem to be causing the situation to escalate.

The episode of my life that I think of at 3 in the morning is ... for better or worse situations at 3 in the morning the night I had. As a rule, if you are awake at 3 in the morning, things are not going well.

The place I wouldn't live in is ... Antarctica, Antarctica and everything related to snow. I love the heat, beaches and sun & ndash; maybe I'm the only ginger with such specifications.

My favorite Bulgarian word is ... & bdquo; negation & ldquo ;. It turned out that there is no such word, and I think I came up with it, which in my head means & bdquo; highly negative emotion & ldquo ;.

I wish I had written the script for ... every movie of the Cohen Brothers and Woody Allen, half of Scorsese, three or four of Tarantino and much of the greatest neonoars.

The scariest thing about writing is ... the curse of the screenwriter. Very often the fictional stories in the projects come true in real life. It is also boring work with a huge risk of alcoholism.


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