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9 December 2010
How can you briefly describe the Living Museum?
One of the project`s missions is to make Bulgarian artists gather together around a defined topic. The Living Museum embraces time and space and fills them up with material objects. It appears, happens and disappears. In this way it only exists thanks to the people that come to visit it.

The first of the Living Museum events was dedicated to Amsterdam. Why did you choose socialism as your second topic?
A huge part of the young doesn`t know anything about this period in our country and this is what turns it into socialism. It`s like a prism of the socialistic regime in Bulgaria, a prism of those who have not witnessed it but are still in its very centre.

Why do you think young people would be interested in this time of our history?
Because I am one of them. Aware or not, socialistic regime is still here, only branded and a bit older. We`ve grown up in the midst of totem, tomb stones and gigantic monuments and all we hear about is how it used to be in that time.

What are the people going to see in the Living Museum?
We`ve prepared some interactive installations, photographs. The quarters of the National Railway Service will be divided into 4 parts- Soviet, Cuban, Chinese and Bulgarian -and subsequently filled with pictures, hypertext, living statues, Corecom, tribunes where everyone would be able to share their story about the socialistic regime. At 8 every evening there will be live music perfomances too- one oldschool singer and one new will perform for the audience.

Can you buy any of the objects desplayed?
Yes, there will be an auction. You can also buy chocolate eggs, bananas and jeans from the corecom shop.

The Living Museum is in the National Railway Service premises from 16 do 20 December.


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