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3 February 2011 text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Angel Kotzev Studio
We know Vasil Parmakov as a great piano player and  jazz musician. Now we know him as a writer as well. His very first book, called Me and Major Bluher, is like a jam session. We proudly present you Vasil Parmakov. He has alot of things to say about music, silence, Kurt Vonneghut and facebook.

We know you as a piano player
Yes, that`s what I am. I`m a piano player. But not only. Now you know me as...

As a writer
Yes, I have my first book. It`s a collection of original short stories.  I sent my manuscript to some of the best publishing houses in Bulgaria, but I did`n receive any answer. You see, everybody wants to publish well known authors. Not like me. That`s why I have to say many thanks to Black Flamingo. I am pretty sure that my book is not boring at all. People may like it or hate it, but won`t be bored of it.
I write from 10 years, or maybe more. There was a competition for sms poetry that I won. The jury was Toma Markov, I remember...

So you` ve used your friendship to win
Yes, of course. Like everybody in Bulgaria.

Has Toma Markov any place in Me and Major Bluher?
Yes, he helped a lot. We had a lot of discussions about my book. I appreciate  this.

In his books usually there is a line or two about you and your band
That`s true. In his Crocodile Genius me and Zona C we have very important, leading roles. So in my book Toma has also a role. But my stories are a bit loony...

Yes. Crazy, nuts...

A bit sinister?
Yes. You can tell sinister if you like.

Some say your style of writing reminds the authors from the beat-generation
Maybe. My favorite authors are Kurt Vonnegut and Jack Kerouac. I like also Jaroslav Hasek. I like a lot of Bulgarian writers too. With some of my short stories I like to thank Vonnegut, for example. There are stories about jazz and jazz musicians. But a lot of Bulgarians won`t even understand my ideas, I`m affraid. We, Bulgarians, are stupid, we are not open minded... Which are Bulgarians favorite authors? Jane Austen and Paulo Koeljo -  that kind of crap.

But they are bestsellers all olver the world
Yes, I know. But in Bulgaria is only that. There are some open minded people, but they are so few. I don`t mind when people give a piece of advice or criticize, but it has to be done in a very smart and intelligent way. Otherwise I would tell them: Go back in the kitchen to fry some onion...

Do you listen to music while you are writing?
Yes, I like to listen to jazz, etno, all kind of music... Not pop-folk, of course. I don`t like heavy metal either. It`s to noisy for me. In fact, all kind of music is noisy for me. I`m tired of listening to music...

If we want to hear your band playing we must go to...
To Hambara. I play there with Icko Finzi. Every Tuesday my band Zona C plays live in Swinging Hall. We are together for 17 years. All this years we play only jazz.

Me and Major Bluher from Black Flamingo Publishing, 13.99lv.
Zona C live at Swinging Hall, 15 fev, 20:30


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