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3 February 2011
We remember Bernd Lichtenberg as one of the scriptwriters of Goodbye Lenin, a movie from the post-Berlin-war period. We find him again to talk about his participation in the process of making TILT, the new Bulgarian hit movie.

How did you end up in the TILT crew?
I met Borislav (Chuchkov) in Poland a few years ago. We took part in a programme helping young European directors and producers make their movies. At that time he already had the idea about TILT.

How long did it take you to decide to deal with this project?
Not much. I liked the story immediately- the characters, the political background. We basically started working on this in Poland.

Could you explain what it is exactly that you did in the movie?
Well, it`s complicated. I`m a sort of a drama consultant. They gave me the draft script, I reworked it and then gave it back to them. Throughout this whole time I kept in touch with ths scripwriters and we made decisions together.

Did you have fun while making the movie?
Absolutely. It was going smoothly even though a great deal of the process was carried out online.

Did you see the final version of TILT yet?
I saw a pre-final dvd, although I`m pretty sure this is it. It`s completely different on the big screen. For the time being I can easily say that we made a pretty good movie.

What was the last movie that you enjoyed watching?
Maybe Aronofsky`s Black Swan. Excellent movie.

What other movies have you worked on in this year?
I worked on a few TV shows but not on a full-length movie. I do have visions about something bigger but it is too early to say yet. Last year I was entirely focused on my book Kolonie der Nomaden.

How was it received?
It is a very non-commercial book. I`m not expecting any huge profit. But I`m really pleased with the fact the critics appreciated it, as well as the people who bought it. That`s the most important thing.

TILT is out on February 11. You can see the trailer on tilt. bg.


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