12 February 2009 text Petya Todorova
Around Vesi Sarieva always happens something interesting. The artistic and creative young woman is inexhaustible source of ideas. A provocation to us this time is called Friends behind the bar and will happen in nontraditional area of Artnewscafe. The idea of the project is to invite creative persons to function as the guest barmen at the cafe for one day. They will prepare drinks for customers, and in addition to it will show their art projects. The first "friend behind the bar" is Raycho Stanev - visual artist, graphic and web designer, master of the home made rum. All  day long Raycho will serve the visitors and answer the questions about his projects, installations, illustrations presented in the cafe.

How did you get to the idea of Friends behind the bar?
Vesi has got this idea further with the opening of the café, I just helped this to happen more quickly. Nothing else.

And what about your art projects? 
At the bar:
- Art-Setup is a space about digital art in artnewscafé: projects, installations, illustrations and… lovely drinks, music, conversation behind the bar and etc. 
On the walls:
- Presentation of my art projects:
Stories with bells – interactive sound installation. The village of Gorna Bela Rechka never had a church, but it always had a bell, according to the memories of the local people. Some ten years ago the bell was stolen. The sound of the bell is something everybody remembers with tenderness and joy. I create an imaginary church the contours of a temple, church music, candles and incense, several stories about the bell’s function, its sound, how it is made, what is remembered about it. The sound, to me, is something clear and simple. It has a universal language everyone can understand it. The installation simply happens; I don’t think about it, I only listen and register the stories/emotions feelings are universal, too. The sound is a way to reach the core and to play.
Nagledna Agitacija (NA) is a space for memories and stories from the time of communism. The viewer is also a part of that space and can leave own traces in the space of the installation. 
Mobile Spaces - together with Svetlana Mircheva. The colours, forms, spaces and… mistakes. The human senses ceaselessly aim at fragments to construct narrative figures even where mistakes are hidden.
Stories for 68 - A project by Raycho Stanev, Diana Ivanova and the former solider of the Bulgarian occupation troops of 1968, Radoslav Stanev. What does it mean to return forty years later to the place where, as a solider of the Bulgarian occupation troops, one was supposed to abort the “Prague Spring”? What are one’s feelings and memories on the way into the past and in encounters with people in Banska Bystrica, Bratislava und Prague? The goal of this journey is less the reconstruction of events as to ascertain whether a dialogue about one’s own past is possible between generations and with people in contemporary Europe, and to see what effect this journey has on the dialogue, whether it changes something. The project combines recounted history with multi-media documentation.

You have realized a lot of your projects. Tell us a little about your job.
All my projects are in the sphere of communications. Otherwise, I tell different stories in a modern way. I use simple elements, nothing complicated. I love to return to more traditional, you can see more at

Do you work on something at the present moment?
Something about "big trip" before 20 years, but more you can expect on may.
Will you share your technology for prepareing home made rum? Ingredients: 5l. Bulgarian Roma, cloves, ginger (Korea), stick of cinnamon, black pepper, coriander, about 2 kilograms. apple, pineapple, papaya and citrus fruits as you wish. All that is left to mature 1 / 2 years in pots.


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