On the Road

16 July 2009 text Dima Chakarova, photo by Silvia Valentino Karabashlieva
Zahari Karabashliev's name became well-known around his first novel 18% Grey, which was such a hit that it went through three editions. In June he came back from sunny California to show us the collection of stories A Short History of Plane.

You presented A Short History of Plane on some kind of a tour. Are you satisfied?
A lot.

Where did you find your greatest fans?
Everywhere was great and different, but it was particularly strong in Varna.

They say that the second book is always harder. What was your case?
There is no easy after 18% Grey. A Short History of Plane is very similar in style and very different when it comes to ideas. With it I go deeper into my own self.

How did you select the stories in the collection?
According to the mood I want to transfer to the reader. It is a very interesting combination.

The people went mad about 18% Grey. It was recommended to me from three different sources. What is the reason?
The key word is "recommended". Mouth to mouth advertising is the real literature advertising, tested after centuries of practice. Fortunately, the author has no control over it. The readers want something that touches their hearts. And the heart is a special organ - "the heart is an animal" if I have to quote the personage from my novel.


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