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26 August 2010 text by Elena Peneva, photoes Valentin Danevski
On 29th of August Sofia Poetiki Festival will present 30 Bulgarian authors - probably some of the best among the Bulgarian poets and writers.  It`s not a surprise to see the name of Ivan Landzhev among them.

Who you writing for?
For myself mostly.  But not only, I suppose.

Bobby Fisher is guilty. What for?
Oh, for so many things! He is a terrible person! He is guilty for the prob;ems in Bulgaria and all the world, haha.  No, serious, Bobby Fisher was my idol then I was younger. I was playing chess them and I was reading about the great chess-players.
I loved the younger Fisher, because the older one is a bit crazy. I was always interested about the theme of the genius. You see, the word genius in latin has the same meaning as the word daemon in Greak.

Whats the difference between the chess and the poetry?
The strange thing is that you  have to read a lot to play chess. But now computers are almighty! That`s dangerous for the chess. There are some bounds, and computers might go above them.  That can never happen with the poetry.  There is no hardware which can create a nice metaphor.

If someone could sing and play your poetry, who can that be?
A street musician probably.  Popular musicians like Jimmi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain has played their own poetry. 


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