Recycling Rubbish

23 February 2011 by Geri Turiyska, photos Angel Kotzev studio
We`ve known Vasil Georgiev since the release of his books Teh Budhist Beach and The Street Guy. His new book is called Degrad and is about the decay of human identity. Apart from that Vasil is a lawyer so he talks both like a man of law and a man of letters.

Did you write a good book?
I`ll be able to tell you after the public verdict. It will be too late then to make up for any potential mistakes. Maybe the first 100-200 copies will sell just fine but I don`t know what will happen afterwards. The people who have already read it say it`s good and much better than my previous book. But you know, the first book is always a sort of a compromise with your desire to show everything you`re capable of, while the second and the third book have more to do with what you wanna say to the people. Degrad is released two years after the Budhist Beach and is much more coneptual. more mature.

What do critics think about Degrad?
They say it`s a great book. But don`t get it as an auto-blojob because one doesn`t need to take pride in their modesty, but with their writing.

Does a writer need to have a high self-esteem in order to be a good author?
Of course. You must be а little insolent because success requires it. I`m not talking about publicity, for it can deceive people. And people are those who contribute to your success.

To what extent are your stories real?
Great. If they`re not completely real they are at least based on a something true. It`s difficult to write about things that are not of my personal expreience.


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