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4 December 2013 by Dannie Nikolova
Internet sensation Spindermaan (look for him on his new facebook profile, others were deleted) is not just a bunch of profanity, piled one over another, nor literary manifesto dyslexic. Spindermaan is a social project with far deeper than the seemingly obvious intent. We liked the following definition which we found online - " facebook unique character whose words are written in jumbled word order, and some of them have become iconic. Makes accurate, often obscene comments on various topics of modern life - from the ubiquitous stupidity and chalga to the corrupt politicians in the state."
For those who do not need further clarification we will say only that - Spindermaan is one of many, he does not defy football provocations and was very nice to chat with him.

Many kids follow your posts. Do they get the idea?
Some children understand, others - don't. We have received reports from 13 -year-olds who say - keep goig, we understand that you ridicule many things happening in Bulgaria! We also have feedback from the children for whom this is all stupid and harms society. And the society got ill long ago.

If you have the power to make a cardinal change in this society, which field would you choose?
Education. This is the most important social sphere. The family and the education makes the system of values ​​of the people. Now in Bulgaria this system is missing.

People often are divided in 3 groups - as a part of the problem, part of the landscape or part of the solution. Can you give some examples of the first , the second and the third ?
The problem - society.
The landscape - society.
The decision - society.


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