Wild years

27 September 2007 text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin
After promising writing his “big novel of the 90's” Bogdan Russev has really done it. It’s entitled Come to Me and since September 24th has been already on the market. Here is what the author thinks of parties, foolish love and writing before drinking the first coffee for the day.

Why have you written a book for the 90’s?
Unfortunately or may be not, there is no other contemporary writer who has seen the 90’s in the way I have done it. My friends who are writing and the other young authors did not go partying then. Somebody just had to document this part of that time. Besides, the 90’s is a super important period of my life and I finally wanted to write down a true autobiography of my own.

Is there anything in the 90’s that you miss and do not want to let it go?
I miss everything but I do not want it to stay.

Has love framed the 90’s?
Love frames everything, as a whole. You see, my 90’s have been framed exactly by this slightly foolish, breathless, junky and feverish love in the book. I hope it has really stayed there. I want a real, more mature love – one of these with the kids and cooked soup at home.

Now your attitude at these times of sex, drugs, parties – is it sentimental?
The experience is more likely to be a physical one – when I read some parts and especially when I write them, my body experiences the way it felt then.

How long did it take to write the book?
It took me nearly two years to do it in small parts and long breaks. Partly, because I had to take a rest after some parts from time to time because they were very emotionally exhausting...

When do you write?
It happens early in the morning. I cannot do it in another time. I can translate late at night, but not write. I begin very early indeed, just after getting up, before having breakfast and coffee. I get up, make green tea and write for two-three hours before going to work. After that I go out, the day has already begun, but I have already finished the most important work.


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