11 Moments of Yulian Tabakov

12 November 2015
He sets fire in the pit of our stomachs with his scenography from many years, then it burns and explodes vividly in his first movie - Tsvetanka, which we watch with our mouths agape.

After that his name swirled in the news with his exhibition Moments, for which Yulian Tabakov photgraphed the great Bulgarian actress Zlatina Todeva naked near the end of her life. He is much more meek with crayons - he draws delicate lines and together with Zornitsa Hristova created the children's book Building N4. We got it in our mail and decided to stop Yulian for a few moments.

The moment when you still want to play in the neighborhood
I just go and play.

The moment when you choose the pencil and the sketchbook

When I feel lonely.

The moment when the world is a stage
Always. But I like it better to be in the audience rather than the participants.

The moment when you are not a scenographer, director, photographer, illustrator... But just Yulian

I am always just Yulian.

The moment when you give yourself an A
When I am organized.

The moment when you are close to the limit of your strenght
This happens more often now and i just sit and relax.

The moment when you figured out what you wanted to do with your life
It's not just one moment, for the different aspects of life they are different moments. In one I did it, in other I missed it, the third time I stopped to think about and realized I was wrong...

The moment when you miss Sofia

I call a close friend.

The moment when you are not afraid of anything

I'd do anything that comes to my mind.

The moment when you feel something is meaningfull

Is nice.

The moment when you are grateful

I say "thank you".

Yulian Tabakov is on youliantabakov.com


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