A long time ago in a galaxy near us

6 July 2017 text and photos Natalia Ivanova
"Trusting an author you have not heard of, taking his 500-page debut, and waste some of your time reading it is a huge responsibility," says Nikolay Terziyski just before we say "bye". Telling you that you have to read his first book is a big responsibility for us too, but after the first two or three pages of his novel Exclusion we felt that there was something inside it.

His book is telling a story about "the loneliness of the only child and the survival of the spirit in time" in kind-of-a-Star Wars-algorithm -  the first (out of eight) part is the seventh, followed by chaos, which finally gets into a nice mess.

Each chapter has the voice of a different hero, sometimes dialectical, but now we hear the author's one - about growing up with Twin Peaks, the mysterious forest near Smolyan and the tears of his parents when they read their stories through his words.


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