Around Plamen Bozhilov's books

26 July 2018 text Natalia Ivanova photos Anelia Todorova
It's more than possible to read the pages that have already passed through his hands – Plamen is on Slaveikov Sq. since the 90s, and later opens Antikvarnitsa
with old books at three central addresses (with a lot of literature in English, Spanish and other foreign languages). The idea of ​​talking to him came with the last one on Gladston str., where we have recently found rare treasures from all over the world, but our interest grew with the repairs that gave us another reason to think about the place of the book in Sofia. Because of them, we now shake Plamen's hand in the garden opposite to Hotel Rila, where the book market has been moved, and we give him a white paper to write his story - from the first stall in the 90's to the shelves behind the showcase today and the hope for tomorrow.


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