Borrowed Faces

14 May 2009
Belgian Isolde Pringers, who has been a part of the Bulgarian art life, puts an end to her "Bulgarian" period with the presentation of the book The Book of Faces and the exhibition of her mother.

You are working on lots of very different things, how do you choose your projects?
I do not know. It all depends on the people and am I interested in it. Right now I am a co-producer of a movie that is being shot in Africa. I also want to try photography. In total, when it comes to art, I think I am pretty universal.

Do you think that your taste for the beautiful is inherited from your mother?
Of course, that is a gift. Her father was a great banker, but drew outstandingly well. He also made sculptures out of different materials. My grandmother was a dressmaker and made magnificent dresses. I prefer writing than drawing, while with my mother it is the opposite.

What can we expect from the presentation of the book?
The presentation will be the main event. Besides there will be an exhibition of a few pictures - one of them will be printed on textile in black and white in a size larger than the picture itself, and 4 copies will be for sale, there will be interesting posters as well and a jam session with young Bulgarian musicians.

What are you going to do from now on?
Right now I am negotiating with a Belgian company, DNALab and probably I will become an associate in it. It deals with design, made by artists.


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