Flaw in the System

28 May 2009 text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio
Radoslav Parushev-Charlie's new novel with the self-ironic title Project Dostoevski is already on sale in the bookshops and looks serious - about the Sense, the system the lost typescript with the second volume of The Karamazovi Brothers and Sofia as the business capital of Eastern Europe.

How was the presentation of Project Dostoevski on 20 May?
Very good, I overcame my uneasiness. There were about 150 people seated, about 50 standing. I just stood in the middle of a stage and felt how many unknown people love me or least are not irritated by me and this gave me a lot of power. We sold a lot of books, my friends were happy, we went for a drink...

About Project Gigamoto you said that at least 10 000 people will read it. Did it happen?
We have not reached 10 000 yet. But even a single reader, a single person you do not know and reads your book, is worth the world. Because when he finishes the book he will have something from me in him.

Two years ago you said that you are a book or two from the big serious novel and now you wrote a "Book about the Sense". How come?
I am tired of having fun. I reached an age, and if you want, a status, at which partying is left behind. And when the party is over, the serious novel just goes without saying. I got a little older, I am tired of parties, I stay at home more, watch more TV, read more books and take care of my friends and health.

In your new novel the main motive is the change of history. If you really had the power to make fun of history, what would you do?
I wish there were no communists. I would have blown up a train with Lenin inside, which is going to Russia.
My book is an accusation of now bad we are living and how we have chosen ourselves to live badly. How we are mindless screws in the corporate system.


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