Sinister Beauty

1 October 2009
A year after the return of The Bad Seeds we receive another dose of Nick Cave in a pretty unusual form - 250 pages of maddening beauty, sex and life wisdom. Here you are - The Death of Bunny Munro through the eyes of translator Maria Mihailova.

Is it easy to translate Nick Cave's works?
Easy and with pleasure, although it was a challenge to me how to approach to the vulgar language without profaning it in Bulgarian. The only struggle was in the beginning, with my own movement as a reader. There are books which engulf you, attract all your attention and you enter their tonality.

In fact how did you decide to take the translation of this novel? Have you read Nick Cave's previous novel and the lyrics of his songs?
When Nevena Dishlieva (from Prozoretz - aut.) offered me the book, I was very happy and agreed right away. But later I realized what a great task this is - with all Cave's sinister beauty, detailed observations and incredible psychopathic personages. I know some of his texts by heart but treat them different than his novels.

How would you recommend The Death of Bunny Munro to a person who does not know anything about Nick Cave?
I will tell him that the author will take him to places where it is scary to go, but a pity to miss.


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