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12 November 2009 text Irina Marinova, photos by Ilian Rujin
There lots of interesting facts around Stefan Ivanov - the French High School in Sofia, an education in Philosophy, the Sorbonne, playing in a band, Barzaliteratura, the volumes of poetry 4 Seconds of Violet and Ginsburg Against Bukowski in the Audience, participation in the medleys An Anthology of the Living and Sex Off, an award in sms poetry, translations in 4 languages and his new book Lists.

Everyone expected your next book to be poetry. Why prose again?
While I was in Paris I wanted to finish writing a novel in co-authorship with Momchil Milanov, but for a number of reasons I could not. Suddenly I realized that I have a lot of unpublished poetry and decided to collect the things I like most from my Paris period and the last 4-5 years in total.

There was a long period in which you talked a lot about your first novel - Only the Two Of Us - did you neglect it?
I may finish writing it, but I do not know when. Right now the idea about it seems very naive to me and too personal as a feeling.

What are the new things in Lists?
For example I am writing about my father for the first time, about dreams, love and depressions. About Dimitar Voev, Snejina Petrova, Tarkovski - all those people who are under my skin, my life and my words.

Where did the title come from?
The lists are things arranged in hierarchy which are important to you. Every time one explains his life it can be settled down to lists. That is what writing is to me - writing about the most important things with as much originality, talent and zeal as possible.


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