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20 May 2010 Dima Chakyrova
Jeffrey Gitomer is best known as the King of Sales. He made successful sales for huge companies like Coca Cola, BMW, The New York Post and IBM

We live in a world “everything is for sale” –  so what is the most valuable thing for you?
The most valuable thing for me in the world of sales is my attitude, love, and belief in what I am selling. Without those three elements, I would be unable to make a short-term sale or a long-term customer.

As a man who knows a lot of tricks, have you been in a situation, when you bought something that you never need actually?
As a student of sales, as well as an expert, I am always interested in how the other sales person conveys their message and will often fall victim to a compelling message. This reaffirms the fact that sales are made emotionally then justified logically.

Tell us about the hardest sale in your life up to now?
It would be inappropriate for me to mention names of companies in this regard -- but in general, the hardest sale is the sale I have yet to make. All the rest were pretty easy. My secret to making more sales is studying past sales.

When do you learn more – from the successes or from the failures?
I believe that success and failure are equal teachers: many people say they learn a lot from success, many people say they learn a lot from failure. I think you should combine the two by learning lessons of what worked and what did not work. What succeeded and what did not succeed. The insight to failure is to look at it as a lesson learned, not as a failed event or a failed sale.

Online shopping is not news anymore, so what will be the next place for shopping after the net?
The net is now and the net is next. What you will see is refinement and sophistication in the way sales are made, money is transferred, and how goods are delivered. Online is forever. Master it!

How do you think a world without money should look?
There is an expression that says, “Money makes the world go round”. By that assumption, without money -- the world would stop. To take a different look at it, most transactions today are not consummated with cash or bills, rather with credit cards, online transactions, and wired transfers. Money is the same; it’s just not handled or transferred in the same way.

From where comes the need to share your knowledge and who is the target of your books – professionals or the books teach life attitude?
My knowledge comes from my experience. I’ve been in businesses and in sales since 1954, selling my ideas, selling my products, and selling my services. I’ve been fortunate enough to have done that all around the world. My books are a recollection of ideas and lessons that I have experienced personally. They are also a collection of strategies and philosophies that I believe to be true; and each one of the books links together to form the complete person. Not just sales, but relationships. Not just relationships, but persuasion. Not just persuasion, but trust. And not just trust, but attitude. All of them interrelate, and all of them are attached to personal success.

What means success to you and how much does it cost?
You can’t put a price on success. Success to me means being a great dad, being a great granddad, and being a great person. It means loving what I do; and it means doing my best to be my best everyday.

You are teaching, traveling, writing books, and in newspapers, how do you recharge your batteries? Do you have a hobby, favorite music or something else to take off the pressure?
I am an avid reader. I am an avid book collector. I am an avid sports fan. I am an avid collector of sports memoriabila. I love music, of all sorts, and I am often at concerts or the theatre. I love art and have visited art museums all over the world. But the real secret is I am also relaxed when I am working, and I don’t need a diversion. I choose diversion.

If you could tell our readers one thing about yourself what would it be?
I love what I do.

What do you think of Steve Jobs – maybe he is one of the greatest salesmen nowadays?
There are very few people that I look to as heroes. Steve Jobs is one of them. I have owned a Macintosh since 1983. Steve Jobs has created markets and market places that previously did not exist. He reinvented the way music is distributed; he reinvented the way mobile devices are used; and in the future he will reinvent the way books are read and who knows what else. Clearly he has emerged as a creative thinker and world-dominate marketer.

You have a lot of very clever quotes, what is your personal favorite?
I’m going to give you three:
“People don’t like to be sold, but they love buy.”
“People will rain on your parade because they have no parade of their own.”
“If you make a sale, you willl earn a commission, if you make a friend, you will earn a fortune.”


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